125gal freshwater tank installation for Hebrew Rehab Center MA

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Imagine an Ocean had the recent privilege of installing our fourth tank at the Hebrew Rehab Center in Roslindale, MA. These tanks have been greeted with enthusiasm by the residents who love having a  little oasis of motion, color, and life in their halls and lobbies. Sean and Yorgos are constantly peppered with questions about the individual fish as the community engages Imagine an Ocean and each other around the care of growth of these scaled and shiny residents. 


Hebrew Rehab Center tank installation by Imagine an Ocean

This is how the installation process begins. We wish we had taken some pictures of us carrying the tank inside but our hands were full. The handled suction cups provide us with the best possible grip for carrying such a heavy, fragile piece.




professional fishtank installation MA

Observant readers will have noticed that the stand was already in place and that there are matching rectangular holes cut into the top. These cut-outs are where the dropboxes and plumbing will guide the water from the tank to the sump and filter and back up to the tank.



freshwater tank installation MA Imagine an Ocean

Here you can see what is hidden inside the stand. The green cylinder is the filtration system while the yellow is the return pump. The tank is slowly filling with water.




Fishtank installation MA

From this perspective you can see the dropbox which guides the water from the tank to the filter below. The water level is rising and we almost have a full tank!



commercial fishtank service by Imagine an Ocean Once the tank was full we added the lights…

professional fishtank maintenance MA …and Sean made sure that everything was spotless.

Healthcare facility fishtank service by Imagine an Ocean

The tank is full, the canopy is on, and this tank is one week away from hosting fish. This installation already looks great in the space and will provide some vibrancy and life to this waiting area.

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