125 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation – Wilmington, MA

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We partnered with Love the Reef for this saltwater reef aquarium installation in Wilmington, MA. The owners wanted to upgrade from an old 50 gallon aquarium. So, they consulted the experts!

This 125 gallon aquarium is 6 feet long and sits on a beautiful, solid wood cabinet that is 36” tall. Only the best equipment was used including Radion lighting, Vortech wavemakers, Apex monitoring and control system, Tunze skimmer and Eheim pumps!

At this point, the aquarium is going through the initial cycling process and will be ready for fish in a couple weeks.


Equipment ready to be unpacked and installed


Tank and stand in place


Lighting suspended on tank mounted arms


Water being pumped up from storage barrels in the basement


Tank is full of water and the dust from the sand is settling

20151015_130811 (1)

Wavemaker controls mounted on the doors inside the stand

20151015_130835 (1)

Apex computer controller keeps track of pH, temperature, equipment, provides email alerts and even replaces evaporated freshwater!